Socialclub rebrands Shine

Free to Shine

Shine reinvents itself with new branding. While staying faithful to its fundamentals, Shine’s universe gains in confidence to become a more mature, more authentic, more committed brand. 

Shine is now asserting itself as a more mature brand, even more authentic and committed all while retaining its original joyful and colorful DNA. This change of direction is also notable in its discourse and a more assertive presentation of the products. Beyond the simple change of appearance, Shine intends to celebrate its strategic evolution and the path it has taken since its beginnings.

Shine adopts a new palette mainly composed of a bright sunny yellow followed by soft complementary colors evoking nature. Forest green, sky blue, brick red referring to certain rocks and sunset pink color complement a typographic logotype with custom-designed smiling characters.

Beyond the overall visual and verbal identity, it was important to translate these elements into UI, which is an important part of an online bank like Shine. We wanted to bring the ideas of serenity and joy event to the interface details.

The entire photographic direction and production was managed by the Socialclub agency. It was thought in close connection with the global identity with a bright, colorful and very joyful style.

The colorful and smooth illustrations created by Spencer Gabor are designed to illustrate concepts and functionalities in a metaphorical and original way and photographer Marine Billet captured professionals shining bright on vivid and colorful photos.

Its primary typeface Value Serif brings a real touch of maturity while remaining round and warm and is accompanied by secondary typeface by Mabry from Colophon foundry which brings personality thanks to its rounded and geometric letters.